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RockwellB (ROCK-well-BEE, pseudonym) is an emerging New York contemporary history artist. Passionate about American history, RockwellB recognized that the 2020 Presidential election cycle was to be a momentous turning point in the story of the nation. While quarantining during the Covid pandemic, RockwellB set out to create a visual Collection of narrative paintings depicting headline news events spanning a six-month timeline leading up to and following Election Day 2020.

The Copyrighted Collection of (60) acrylic paintings on cradled panels entitled “The Republic is Tested: History Unfolds Before Our Eyes”, is fittingly anchored with “Voting Hero” John Lewis and culminates with the 2021 White House Inauguration Day “Celebrating America” fireworks finale.  More recently, additional Trump Trial paintings have been added to the collection. It is RockwellB’s hope that these panels will inspire and educate viewers to appreciate that America’s democracy and Constitution are fragile and worth defending for future generations.