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Democracy Art

Featuring Artist RockwellB

A collection of 60 paintings by RockwellB

Voting Made Easy

SCOTUS Imbalance

Recording the Madness

Hero Activists

Keystone Victory

Improvised Lies & Dyes

A Hole in None

Hero Election Workers

Coup Recipe

Tyrant Gets Evicted

Hero Government Officials

No Crime Goes Unpardoned

Call to Arms

Zero Enablers

Alternate Slate

Big Lie Rip-Off

Problematic Calls

Zero Seditionists

Hero Wise Counselors

Georgia Dems Tip Senate

Willard Command Center

Switching Sides Temporarily

Hero White House Staffers

Another Day of Infamy

Dereliction of Duty

Farcical “Movement”

With Gratitude

Zero Sycophant Senators

Eyes on the Constitution

Zero Grifters

Zero MAGA CongressPeeps

Celebrating America

Jack Attack

Hush Money Cover-Up

Mar-a-Lago Secrets

We Saw and Wept

Skulduggery in Georgia

So Many Gags

Ban the Insurrectionist

Predator and Liar

Extreme Presidential Immunity

NY Ejects Fraudster